Sunday, August 3, 2008

5 most interesting and effective tips for earning Online true cash for Beginners.

1. You can earn online true cash by being freelance writer. There are many online opportunities for a freelance writer. You can write article. There are many site owners who are really waiting to pay you in exchange of your article. So if you have the capability to write well, move on seriously.

2. Are you expert enough to make a website? If yes, make it for others who don’t know how to build their own websites and are willing to pay you for your creation.

3. Take part on online survey program. There are some really fine survey programs online that will pay you nicely. It’s really interesting to get paid by taking part to different online survey.

4. You have a nice video camera and have the passion to make simple video about anything. Why are you not trying to earn online true cash from those video? Yes, I am talking the right thing. There are many video uploading sites and they are waiting to pay you in exchange of your nice creation. Just upload your video and get paid.

5. You have a nice Digital Camera and you can take snap nicely. Your sense of photography is not professional. So what? Try to select the object of the photography extraordinarily. Upload the image and get paid. Here I am trying to add some beautiful sites that you can join for earning online true cash.

List of original photo and video exchange sites:

· Citizen Image

· Spymac

· Zoom & Go.

· Break.

· iStockphoto

· Share a Pic.

· PhotoLia

· IgoUgo


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