Thursday, June 19, 2008

Making a BLOG is not a hard task..........

Hi! Friends, now I am ready to guide you to create a blog. At first you have to prepare your article, which you are going to post in your newly created blog to day. After finishing your article, you create your blog. I am trying to guide you in very simple manner so that you can easily understand the whole fact and create a blog. Please just follow the following steps. After finishing all the steps stated below you will be a blogger. All right take a look at the following…………..

v Go to so that you can create a free blog.
v There are only three steps, which you have to follow.
v Firstly you have to create a Google Account free of cost because you need the e-mail A/C to create the blog.
v Now you have to select a nice name of your blog. For naming your blog you should consider the subject matter of your article. I will explain later.
v Now you have to choose the template for your blog.
Now I am going to explain all the steps. Just pay your attention for a while and then you can create your blog successfully.

Firstly you have to go to site because here you can create a free blog of your own. It’s not a hard task. You are very much habituated to visit site after site. So you know the task very well.

Entering into the site mentioned above, you will find three steps. First step is to create a Google Account. It is very simple. Just left click on the arrow ------------------›
Where it is written Create your Blog now . After clicking on that, just follow the instructions stated there on the page. Now you have a Google Account.

Just click on Continue , you will find another page and it will guide you to choose a template. This template is nothing but the look of your blog. There are some templates from which you can choice one for your blog’s look. This depends on your taste.

Just take a look at your choosing template there are some fields. In the Title Field you type your title, which I said earlier. You can decorate it but now you just input your title. Next day I will guide how to decorate it. Now I have to finish my writing, I will surely finish everything related to the matter next day. Sorry for that, please wait till tomorrow……………..

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