Thursday, July 24, 2008

10 popular directories to join for getting a large number of visitors in your site.

Our main aim is to earn online true cash by blogging. AdSense is the most vital weapon for the purpose. But we can earn true cash only when a lot of visitors come and visit our blog. If the visitors click on any Ads, we can expect earning from AdSense. But the reality is that a few of total visitors may click on the Ads supplied by Google. So it is clear that only more and more visitors can make online true cash for you.

We can not but try to increase the number of visitors in our sites. There are so many ways, you can try for getting more visitors to your site. Submitting your blog to different web directories is one of the best ways to receive more visitors. As I write only for beginners, here I make a list of directories for you.

Let us look at following 10 popular directories;

Blog Catalog : Join the directory. You can find the difference shortly. The joining process is very simple. It will take at best five minutes but the benefit is very big.

Blog Hub : Blog Hub is a great directory to submit your blog. There are many categories, you have to join to the New Blogger category.

Blogging Fusion : Blog fusion is a nice directory to join with. It has over sixty categories. Blogging Fusion has a good numbers of listing within their directory.

Globe of Blogs : It is also a good directory to join with. In order to be listed, the blog must be non-commercial. So try it.

Blogarama : It has a great listing so far over sixty thousand blogs. The site is very well designed. Joining is not hard. Try it.

Bigger Blogger : The site is not so renowned for mentioning in the top list of directory. But as early as you are accepted by a blog directory, your blog will then get more exposure than that of ever before. On the other hand a back link is indeed a back link, which is very necessary for a search engine to search your blog.

Bloggeries: It has the best categories and sub-categories in the web. Joining in the directory is your good decision.

Spillbean : It’s a well designed blog directory with many categories. Although their number of listing is not so high till today.

Blog Universe: It is the proper directory to promote your video or podcast themed blog.

Blog Explosion: It claims to be the largest blog promoter on the web. So get their listing for your blog.

Keep joining to more and more directory so that you can get a high exposure of your blog. If you find anything helpful to you in the post, please leave a comment.

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