Thursday, July 3, 2008

Online basic true cash earning free tips for Beginners from video sharing.

Hi, Friends hope everything is fine and fit. I discussed about some tips for online earning basic true cash for beginners in my previous posts. Now I am going to discuss another process of online earning true cash for beginners. This is a very interesting method of doing the same. Almost every one wants to do something, which he or she likes. We generally call it HOBBY. What’s your hobby? If your hobby is video photography, take a look at the following.

I always try to say that Web is that kind of place from where any one can earn basic true cash. However, you have to have some related qualities. Don’t worry, everyone is special and has any kind of quality. This is very interesting that we have actually no idea about our capabilities. It is hidden and you ought to bring it out. To achieve it we have to work hard. Ones you are confident, nothing is impossible. Now come to the topics earning online basic true cash for the beginners from video content sharing. Thousands of people are earning basic true cash from video content sharing. If you have a digital camera and some editing software, you are ready to take part in this area. Undoubtedly you will be able to earn basic true cash from VIDEO sharing. The thing you have to do is that to create a nice VIDEO clip on any subject. For this first decide a subject and then start creating the clip. Use one easy VIDEO editing software to edit your VIDEO clip. There are lot of free software distributing sites in the net, find them by searching. Ask every one of your family and your friends about your creation. Finally ask yourself about that. If you like your creation, just post it. Now you have a question in your mind of how I can post my master piece. Wait I am telling you.

Putting your VIDEO or others is as easy as drinking water

There are so many video hosting sites those give you easy access to the code needed for posting Video in your blog You perhaps think why they permit you to access their code? Answer is easy they want more people to watch their video, thus they can earn more online true cash. In fact you also do this due to earn online basic true cash.

After accessing, just copy the code of video and paste it on your text editor. Now you have to decide where you want to post your video either in blog post or in the sidebar.

Now I explain how to put the video in your blog. Log in to your blog A/C

How to put your video as Blog post

Write something attractive for your visitors describing the reason for which they watch your video.

Leave some space.

Then paste your coping code as you post your text in the same window. Okay your video is ready for your visitors.

How to put your video in Blog Sidebar.

Go to the HTML editor portion of Dashboard

Copy Template/HTML code

Decide the place in the Dashboard HTML editor that corresponds with the area in your Blog where you want to put your video.

Place your video code after HTML tags (&1t/) at the beginning but before HTML tags (&1t)

Try it! Preview it! If everything is screwed up undo the changes or replace your screwed up code with the copy you made earlier.

Here I am giving you a short list of some good video hosting site.

1. Grouper



4. Google Video

5. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself

6. motionbox

Okay friends hope you will do better. So please………………………..

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